Free Unlimited SMS Blast with MobileBlaster

Sending bulk SMS for free is possible now!

MobileBlaster is the only answer to any mobile marketing campaign. Using our hardware, you can now reach up to 20,000 mobile phone users in a given location at any time. With our latest technology and robust software, you can now enjoy the most impactful location-based marketing campaigns that will grow your business and brand to greater heights.

What is Mobile Blaster?

MobileBlaster machine sends advertising content to a localized wireless network. You will be sending unlimited SMS to individuals in a particular location through a broadcast and to a targeted group.

    You can now send unlimited SMS advertising messages to any device based on:
  • Any standard cellular phone
  • Any smartphone device
  • Any device connected using GPS

This machine is perfect if you want to send information like events in the particular area, advertising messages or any related information.

How is MobileBlaster different from Web or Online SMS Blasting?

When you use SMS Blasting services, you need a database to filter your recipients of a certain location. Mobile Blaster meanwhile is different because you will be sending your message to the GSM recipients of a certain location and its vicinity.

This can come in the form of an office, a business area or an entertainment outlet. With Mobile Blaster, you can have your advertising dollars worth without having to send out to the masses and not knowing who your recipients are.

This means that Mobile Blaster will be ideal for SMS messages related to events, special promotions, offers and current sale which is going-on in a shopping district and such.

Zero maintenance, future-ready

There is practically zero-maintenance costs when it comes to the MobileBlaster. Using the latest chips and technologies, there will be no need for any upgrades that will incur cost once you start using this machine.

Beware of imitations!

The MobileBlaster is a proprietary device which is specifically designed and made by us. With our own technologies, we are able to provide the best device for your campaign. Beware of parties in the market who claims to be genuine. Our MobileBlaster can support up to 255 characters in each message while fake ones only gives you up to 70 characters and they do not support the latest range of mobile phones.

No phone or contact numbers required

Using our SMS Blaster Hardware, you can now send out messages for all purposes. This could be for marketing or if you need to send out emergency notifications. During bad weather conditions, cellular networks can be very weak but your messages will still be sent and delivered to your recipients.

User-Friendly Control Panel

The MobileBlaster is designed with our customers in mind. We ensure that the control panel is very user-friendly and can be used from any smartphone around. We have put in a lot of effort to ensure that the MobileBlaster is free from intrusion and detection. You only need to follow the steps below:

  • Identify and select the best frequency you would like to use
  • Create your message
  • Schedule a time and date to send it out and confirm.
  • This is one of the fastest machines around and takes only a few seconds to activate. Order a cup of coffee, read a magazine and your campaign is up and running even before you finish your coffee!

Set up and Power source

Mobile Blast hardware does not require sophisticated set up. All you need is a simple energy provider like a car battery to activate the device and you are ready to go.

Very lightweight and portable

At only 4kgs, it is only about the weight of a laptop. You can keep MobileBlaster in a bag and easily carry it around. Besides that, you can use MobileBlaster in your car or on a motorcycle and start reaching to thousands of people in a given vicinity.

Works in all countries

MobileBlaster is location-independent which means that you can use it anywhere in the world. We have already worked with and supplied MobileBlaster to hundreds of our clients in countries like Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia as well as in the Middle East. All you need to do is to buy a MobileBlaster, spend a few minutes to configure it and start connecting with your recipients.

Start your lucrative rental business

Owning a MobileBlaster means you can now enjoy an additional stream of revenue by renting out the machine. From USD100 per day, you have a ready catchment of businesses that cannot afford the machine and would like to rent it to send out messages. This is very profitable and you will enjoy the ROI within months of operations with which you will get clean profit after that.

Free for Lifetime

No charges will be incurred when you use the SMS Blaster Hardware because you will be bypassing the telcos in sending your messages.

Work in All Conditions

Our MobileBlaster Machine is able to by-pass telcos when sending out SMS. All you need is to power up the device and identify the radius of your recipients. Everyone who owns a cellular phone with SMS capabilities will then receive your messages. This is perfect for places where there are no internet access or weak signals.

Send 20,000 SMS at one location!

You can now use MobileBlaster to reach all mobile phone users in a specific location of your choice. Head out to a shopping complex or an apartment building and you can send out messages to up to 20,000 recipients every hour. The more crowded a place is, you will be able to reach a higher number of recipients. At the location, MobileBlaster will detect all the mobile phone signals that are operating in that area. Within an hour or two, you can send your message to all of them, all within a click of a button!

Portable and mobile

Weighing only 4kgs, the MobileBlaster hardware is very lightweight. As such, you can carry it around on your motorcycle or car and even in a bag.

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